Kiss box

Anja from The Netherlands was made for lovin KISS. Check out the rock and roll KISS box.

Anja says, “This is an Ikea box, Trissa, for LPs. It was white, quite boring. I’ve got the album Dynasty by Kiss, so I looked for some good pictures on the internet of the men of KISS. Then I worked on them in Photoshop till there were only a few colours left (white, black, red, glitter). At first I wanted to make a template so I could spray the paint with an aerosol. But the pictures were too detailed to cut out. So I ended up drawing the pictures with a waterproof pen. For the glitter I used mirror foil. I used the template to cut out the foil. On the internet I sought a free KISS font and in Photoshop enlarged it to the correct size. Printed out, and cut it out in the mirror foil. Et voila a rock ‘n roll KISS box!”

KISS box