Kitchen work station

Courtney goes to work and help hacked a kitchen work top from Lack side tables.

“My brother and sister-in-law moved into a larger apartment last month, an apartment with a much bigger kitchen, but still very little cabinet/counter space. Thankfully there was an empty wall to utilize for an ikea hack.

We bought four lack side tables and found an approx. 5 feet long counter top in the ‘as is’ section at Ikea…

We built the work station starting with attaching two table tops to the bottom of the counter top and from that, we started to assemble the rest of the tables and built the hack from the (counter) top, down.  They have an oversized silverware tray that needed a home, so once the hack was finished, my brother took an unused keyboard tray off of their desk and attached it to the work station.

This work station is surprisingly sturdy!  It doesn’t move unless you are intentionally trying to move it.  It’s the perfect height, being just a tad taller than an average counter.  The counter top was from the ‘as is’ section, so it isn’t perfect, but paint hid a lot of the minor imperfections.  All in all, this hack was a huge success and totaled only $60!”

Jules Yap