Molger Cabinet and Bygel rail for the bathroom

Here is another two from Jari B. This time it’s his bathroom.

Molger Cabinet: Two pieces for the price of one.

“I purchased this now discontinued Molger cabinet, for the sole purpose of removing the sliding mirror from it and using it as my bathroom mirror. I’d been looking everywhere for a new mirror, and this was the one.

This mirror fit perfectly in the unusually narrow grotto formed between two columns in my bathroom. The rich wood finish was exactly the color I wanted. The fact that this piece was on sale at a clearance price, didn’t hurt, either. To mount the mirror, I used tiny 3/8 wood screws to attach a 2 keyhole type hangers to the backside of the frame.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the rest of the Molger cabinet, but in the end, I decided to hang it over my desk and use it as wall shelf to hold miscellaneous office items. My apartment has very low ceilings and is quite small so the Molger cabinet’s mirrored back helps give the illusion of opening up the space a bit.”

Bygel in the bathroom

“I needed a towel bar to replace the cheap and crusty hardware store fixture that came with my apartment. I liked the stark industrial lines of the Bygel rail. I needed to modify to get it to work, however. I cut some wooden blocks, which would allow the 21 3/4″ wide rail to be mounted over the inset molding panels on my bathroom door. The wooden blocks also serve to help push the rail out from the door another 3/4″ which gives just the right amount of offset to comfortably hang a thicker folded bath towel. Unmodified and mounted directly, I felt that the Bygel rail sat too close to the surface to easily hang anything but thinner dish towels or washcloths.”

Jules Yap