Super easy kid’s table hack

Nicole cuts the Ingo down to size for her kids.

“We really wanted a kid’s art table, but we werent satisfied with the kids tables sold at Ikea… way too small for 2 kids plus art supplies. Instead, we sawed the legs down on a cheap Ingo table to coffee table height…which is perfect height for the Ikea kiddie chairs.

We painted it with oil based semi gloss for a durable finish. Super easy hack and ends up being a lot cheaper alternative to the existing kid’s tables that are currently on the market in this size.”


Me on the Hobbit trail
I’m off to New Zealand for a 2-week holiday. I’m looking forward to sites like the one of the left, and lots of juicy lamp chops. In the meantime, I won’t leave you with “hackless”. Posts will come on as usual from Mondays to Fridays.

Ikea hasn’t invaded New Zealand yet (hmm… is that a good thing?) so I dunno if there are any IkeaHackers in Kiwiland. If you live in NZ and hack Ikea, drop me a note here.