Mikael unwired

Beth gets the wires out of sight on her Mikael desk.

She says, “I just did a nice little ikea hack and thought I would share. It’s involving the Mikael computer table on casters in the all white color. I was beyond tired of being able to see the nasty tangle of computer cords hanging down in the back. Cords are a necessary evil, yes, but still evil! So I decided to cover the back of the computer desk to hide them from view.

I went to Lowe’s and bought a piece of precut wainscoting for $7.46. I then had it trimmed down to the right size (26″ tall by 29.5″ wide). Once I got home I realized I would have to cut out a panel so that my computer wouldn’t overheat. So I trimmed it 8.5″ from the top and 8.75″ from the right.

Then I pre-drilled some holes in the corners and on the sides and nailed it on to the back of the computer desk. I also took off the top panel that came with the desk so that you can see the wainscoting throughout. Problem solved, you can’t see the ugly cords anymore! Plus it gives it a nice polished look, kind of mixing modern with traditional styles. All in all it took about 2 hours and cost less than $10.”

Jules Yap