Materials: Expedit 179×85 bookshelf, as-is desktop, lag bolts,

Description: I have a small basement suite with a tiny kitchen. The countertop space was minimal, but these was an unused space on the other side of the kitchen which was built at a terrible converging angle. The previous tenants had a bookcase in the corner for storing spices and food, but it was unsightly and a poor use of space.

I agonized for many days, but came home from ikea as-is section with a $33 25″x70″ desktop slab (very heavy!), and bought a new expedit bookcase for $100.

I used a table saw and router to cut the desktop slab to the exact angle and dimensions of this unused kitchen space. I destroyed one router bit on this – the laminated particle board stuff is hell on woodworking equipment!!

I drilled four holes in the expedit case, and taped a small chunk of oak beside each to raise the level of the countertop 1/2″, and to protect the bookcase from scratches if I ever want to use it for its intended purpose in the future. I installed lag bolts from underneath the bookcase, going directly into the countertop. Then used 2x4s under the bottom of the case to raise the height of the countertop another 2″ to match the height of my ‘other’ kitchen countertop.

Now I have used all the space in my kitchen, have lots of room for preparing meals, and can attractively and effectively store my foor/supplies!!

Thanks ikea as-is! I love abusing you so much!!

~ MacKenzie, Canada