French Country Play Kitchen

Materials: STAT doors, random unknown shelves/cabinet doors, RATIONELL shelves

Description: To make this kitchen I raided the “As-is” section at our IKEA. They always have an assortment of cabinet doors and single shelves in a variety of sizes; many for $1-$5 each. It took some patience and creativity, but eventually I found some to fit the sizes I needed. I used the shelving/cabinet doors to construct a frame, and screwed a larger (12×30) STAT cabinet door onto the frame to make the backboard. The RATIONELL shelves are the countertop. I would have preferred a single piece of wood, but these were a buck each, and I cut them to size with a circular saw. FYI, all the components are melamine, so you MUST pre-drill any holes for screws.

The hooks are BYGEL, and they fit perfectly over the backboard. The oven handle is an ATTEST, also from the As-is. Actually, all the components are from as-is except the hooks, but they’re only 99 cents. All in all, the kitchen cost about $50 in IKEA components. The burners are foam board and felt, and the sink is a mixing bowl. The faucet was 3 bucks at our re-use building supplies.

~ Anny, Seattle, WA