Hopen and Malm: Lights, Camera, Action

Materials: Hopen Wardrobe Doors (2), Malm Bedframe (1), Indoor/Outdoor Potlights (2)

Description: My old bed frame was broken so I replaced it with a MALM frame which nicely matched the dresser and bedside table I already had from the HOPEN line. However, I found the finished look to be too simplistic which is where the hack comes in.

Using two spare HOPEN wardrobe doors that I had picked up from the “Ikea reject” area a couple of years ago, I framed my existing piece of artwork using the doors (side) and the headboard (bottom). Then I back-lit the whole thing. The lightening looks chic but it’s also very functional if you only need a bit of light.

There is very little construction work required to achieve this look:

1. Fasten the doors about 2-inches away from the wall (in order for the light to get in). You can either fasten them to the wall or to the bed itself. If you’re really lazy you can lean the door against the wall (braced by the bed at the bottom). I’m not sure if Ikea still has the HOPEN ddors but you can use anyones that match your existing furniture.

2. Get some mini-pot lights from a construction store. They are about $20 dollars and are pre-wired – you just plug them in. They also come with a dimmer so you can experiment with the light.

3. I wanted to incorporate my art, but you can do whatever you want in the middle of the two doors. I think a few more back-lit doors would look good but I’m sure there are tons of hack-worthy ideas…

~ Warren, Toronto