Knappa meets C&B lantern

Materials: Knappa Pendant Lamp

Description: I took three Knappa Klover pendants and hard-wired them into the ceiling with porcelain canopies from the Burnside fixture I successfully begged Rejuvenation to sell to me. (They no longer do this, because too many people hack them but I’d bought one before they instituted that policy and convinced them I wasn’t remaking Burnside, which was true.)

The pendants were cool, but they got covered with dust and the plastic parts kept falling away from one another. Also, it was nearly impossible to change the lightbulbs. So I took off the plastic parts and had bare globe lightbulbs for a while. Until this week when I saw mesh wire candleholders in the Crate & Barrel catalogue. I ordered 3 of them, at under $8 each, and voila! The bottom piece that holds the tea light candle conveniently screwed right out. I removed the wire hanger from the tea light holder, slipped it up over the light bulb and Ikea socket, reattached the hanger and twist-tied it that to the Ikea pendant cord.

~ Robin Epstein, Brooklyn