RATIONELL jewelry display

Materials: Rationell cutlery tray, white paint, velvet foil, little hooks, large bolts and nuts

Description: I removed all the removable dividers from the cutlery tray, to create larger compartments. All the dividers were thrown away, except for the knife divider.

The whole thing and the knife divider was painted white. To give the cutlery tray a more luxury look, I pasted velvet foil inside the compartments (I bought the velvet in a DIY store, it was sticky on the other side so pasting was relatively easy).

I screwed in little hooks for my earrings and necklaces, and I also inserted long bolts with nuts for my bracelets (in both cases, pre-drill first, or else you might mess up the velvet). You can’t see it on this picture, but I use the gaps of the knife divider to hang necklaces in it, which spared me the hassle of adding more hooks. I made a little open box from cardboard, covered it with left-over velvet foil and pasted it in the tray so I can put in whatever jewelry that can’t hang.

Two mounting hooks were fastened on the back of the tray, so I was able to mount my jewelry display on the wall. I am really happy with it; my jewelry is not stacked up in piles anymore, I can find all of them at a glance.

~ Lani, Leuven, Belgium

Jules Yap