Say hello to my little (speaker) stands!

Materials: Ikea Shoe Rack (Lustifik)

Description: First and foremost I have to qualify/justify why I made these speaker stands (before the audiophiles out there cry blasphemy and take me for a fool not understanding the need for a $300 USD stand with zero resonance and spikes/cones for legs)

1) I needed to space out the speakers on my system to create a larger soundstage.

2) To me speaker stands are glorified stools

3) I don’t have a proper workshop. (Over here in Singapore we live in tiny 3 room sardine cans which we spend our whole life’s paying for). And as such anything I would do to modify/hack had to be simple.

4) Did I mention I think speaker stands are just glorified stools?…I ain’t gonna pay $300 USD for stools!

So, one Friday afternoon I spent my time walking around my friendly Ikea store..I had been inspired by other cool ikeahacks (ie. Sexy legs stands, lamp/stands..) and wanted to do one myself…

Lo and behold! $6 USD shoe racks!..And at the optimum floor to sitting ear height of 60cm!

The mod work is rather simple.

1) Open and assemble said racks (you don’t really need to follow the provided 1 page manual)

2) Cut a wooden board to fit the top where the speaker is going to sit on

3) Spray paint the whole thing midnight black ($1 USD can of spray paint)

And voila!…Speaker stands!…with a greatly expanded soundstage to boot and only for what…$13USD!!!!!

I’m sold!…

~ Lucas