The Billy-Marshall-Amp hack

Materials: BILLY Bookcase (Width: 31 1/2 “, Height: 41 3/4 “) in black-brown

Description: I’m Jan from Germany, aged 27 and I want to show you my Ikea Billy bookcase hack. I made it out of a wooden frame (bought it an online art-shop), some screws, a marshall amp covering and a marshall logo from a webstore.

The wooden frame has to be the size of the front of the billy. I stretched the amp covering on it and fixed it with a stapler. I searched for a way to fix the “door” to the billy and went to a DIY superstore. They suggested a piano wire. A word and a blow. It took nearly 3 hours to fix it all together (double left handed :D). But it was worth the time…Check it out!

~ Jan, Germany