Urban vegetation

Materials: Stockholm curtains, wood, staple gun, glue gun, wood glue and screws

Description: I really like the Stockholm Leaf Curtains so put one up in our small green office/guest bedroom.

We have a Murphy style wall bed which is very dark and I wanted to brighten it up without doing anything irreversible or damaging to the wall unit. And at the same time tie it in with the curtains.

So I built a light weight wood frame (wood glue and small screws) and then stretched the white curtain liner over the frame so the dark wood of the wall unit would not show through and then stretched and stapled the linen curtain fabric over the liner.

The important trick is very careful measuring. you want to leave enough room to accommodate your fabric but still fit snugly in the space so you don’t have to fix it in with nails etc. I just push the panels into place and then pull them out should i want to change the fabric or do something else.

~ Meredith, Luxembourg

Jules Yap