Billy doors = picture frames

Materials: Billy Olsbo, cardboard boxes, exacto knife, tacks, hammer, custom mats, art

Description: While perusing the discount section of Ikea, I found these Billy Olsbo glass doors (which appear to be discontinued) for $2/ea and immediately saw use for them as picture frames. I had an entire calender of botanical art that I have been saving to frame for awhile now. So, after a quick trip to Michaels, I ordered custom mats to fit the art and the glass doors for $4/ea.

I made the rest of the framing materials out of the heavyweight cardboard boxes and hammered in tacks, as I was being too lazy to go out and buy the proper framing supplies. All in all, each picture ended up costing less than $7. I only wish I would have bought more than 3. I’ll eventually replace the cardboard with proper frame hangers, but for now, they work.

~ lemurific

Jules Yap