BITIG clock into information board

Materials: BITIG clock, paper, pictures

Description: My son (3) kept asking every morning whether it was a “kindergarten”-day or not. He seemed to be keen on keeping track of the days – weekdays or weekends. He also wanted to know what would happen each day.

We went to IKEA together and bought a BITIG clock. The orange dots are removable round magnets. We removed them.

I designed the days of the week as parts of a circle, printed, laminated and cut them. Then I printed out pictures for “at home”, “in the kindergarten” and “birthday”. The pictures for “home” and “kindergarten” are now put on the days of the week corresponding to the coming week. Usually it stays pretty much the same, just this week it was a little different because of Pentecost Monday being a day off.

In addition to that, whenever there is a birthday we use the magnet with the birthday cake and a picture of the person celebrating (here: his uncle).

In the evening I manually “set” his information board to the next day (of course I did not put a battery into the clockwork). Now he loves to go to it first thing in the morning and look what’s up.

Later we can add more information (visitors, outings…), and maybe when he is older we will use it as a clock again. For now it is wonderful the way it is.

~ Anneke

Jules Yap