Ikea Handmades

Materials: Paper

Description: It’s not really a hack but it’s the outcome of a brief I was set at university.

I currently study Graphic Design at University College Falmouth and was recently set a brief about Ikea, namely, to promote the new catalogue.

I stumbled upon this very site and found the creative ways people used Ikea products. It’s something that Ikea don’t seem to address but it really brings another dimension to their, and I’m sure you’ll agree, great furniture.

My outcome told the stories of five handmade Ikea products with the use of red acetate. The red acetate would remove any yellow text on the page. So everything that is the original is left in black and everything that the hacker has done is drawn over the top in yellow. At first the product looks normal until they take back the red acetate to find sketches of their handmade piece of furniture.

You can read a little more on my website. I hope you enjoy having a look through the images.

~ Sam Morris, Falmouth

Jules Yap