Kitchen table gone couch table

Ikea+Hack+Couchtisch 03 700560
Ikea%2BHack%2BCouchtisch 03 700560

Materials: Discontinued Ikea kitchen table, Gabbro stone slab, Rill (small) casters, wood screws

Description: I wanted to tailor a couch table to my needs – with the right height, with a very sturdy tabletop and with swivel casters.

At that time an inexpensive and simple kitchen table was available at Ikea (can’t remember the name). I cut its legs to the desired height and painted it with transparent paint (glaze) to match the rest of the furniture (palisander).

Then, I mounted 4 small RILL casters to the legs – it’s important to drill holes before screwing on the casters to avoid splintering. The base plate of RILL perfectly fits the table’s legs.

Ikea%2BHack%2BCouchtisch 01 795704
Ikea%2BHack%2BCouchtisch 02 797538

Lastly I had a stone slab cut and polished (Nero Impala Gabbro) at a local stone mason which I simply stuck to the unmodified wooden tabletop with silicone glue.

Ikea%2BHack%2BCouchtisch 04 799183

BEWARE! Although every RILL caster should be able to carry 45 kg of weight (and the stone slab weighs about 40-50 kb), caster by caster the rubber part comes off. In the 5 years that I use the table I had to change 3 of 4 wheels…

Ikea%2BHack%2BCouchtisch 05 702615

7,99 EUR for 1 set of RILL casters
120,- EUR for the stone slab
?? EUR for the table
Screws and silicone are always available in my basement (;

~ Marc, Germany

Jules Yap