Loft Bed Hack

Materials: Morrum Twin Loft Bed

Description: We bought this bed for our son and it gave him storage space and an area for his desk. Now that he’s a teen he can barely climb up without hitting the ceiling. Instead of springing for a brand new bed, we gave the old loft bed a hack.

Tools needed: original allen wrench, Phillips head screwdriver, circular or table saw

Unfortunately there is no real way to cut the leg supports without taking the whole bed apart. Once we had the legs off, we measured from the top down 2½ feet. I wanted to make it a little higher so he could use some storage bins underneath his bed. Cutting from the bottom up gives you a clean finish on top. The cut edge is on the bottom and not noticeable at all. Attach the legs at the base of the bed frame. You no longer need the upper frame since the bed is a lot lower. Keep the extra pieces and they can be attached underneath as support. Attaching the extra end pieces will give it more stability. I did this using all existing holes and hardware.

~ Pistol Pete

Jules Yap