Saralisa lights up

Materials: Saralisa fabric, Orgel Table Lamp minus the lampshade, 4 pieces of light weight wood strips for the frame, staple gun

1. Saralisa Fabric, 2 yards x 3.5 yards needed
2. Lightweight Wooden frame, 2 pieces 74 inches, 2 pieces 48 inches
3. Nail together the four pieces of wooden frame with 2 finishing nails per corner
4. Stretch Ikea Saralisa fabric very tightly over the wooden frame, the tighter you stretch it, the more the sides will bend in, giving it a really appealing hourglass-like shape, if you would rather have the traditional rectangle shape, then stretch the fabric less
5. Staple gun the fabric at least every few inches onto the wooden frame, folding in the corners.
6. Trim the fabric in the back as needed
7. Stand against wall, put an Orgel table lamp without lampshade behind it and turn it on!
8. Enjoy 🙂

~ Sisi