Stolmen curtain pole

Materials: 1 Stolmen post, 2 Stolmen end fittings, assorted bangles, split rings (keyrings), eyelet screws, curtain hooks, screws

Description: Despite scouring the shops and internet, I couldn’t find a curtain pole to fit snugly into the niche of our large window without needing cumbersome and ugly central fittings. The extendable Stolmen post offered the perfect solution.

As the Stolmen post has a diameter larger than most curtain rings, my husband came up with the idea of using bangles instead. We made these into curtain rings with an assortment of eyelet screws (for the larger ones) and split rings (for the smaller ones). 

We used Stolmen end fittings on one end to stop the bangles sliding past the change in diameter where the Stolmen post extends (in case they get stuck):

Although this stops the curtain being pulled all the way back, we lose only a small amount of light due to the size of the windows.

We extended the Stolmen post into the window frame and screwed it in place for extra stability.

The result, a neat and colourful alternative to the usual suspects!

~ Shel, London