Vika Curry speaker stand

stand 746387
stand 746387

Materials: Vika Curry leg, Ekby Statlig shelf

Description: The goal was to make a pair of cheap and simple speaker stands. Vika legs are just suitable height to bring the speaker to the ear level when I’m sitting down, and in black they will match the legs of my desk. For the base plate I used an Ekby Statlig solid wood shelf in 19cm width. To put it all together I bought an 8mm threaded rod in the hardware store and a couple of nuts and washers.

1. Vika leg has a bolt welded inside the tube at the top, where the mounting plate is screwed on. It had to be removed to make room for the threaded rod. It’s spot welded in 2 points behind the plate, and it comes off after some rocking back and forth with large pliers. I have also drilled a hole on the side for stealthy speaker cable routing.

step1 748308

2. Ekby shelf was already suitable width at 19cm, I only had to make one cut to make it appropriate length. The central hole is for the mounting rod, and the second hole is for the cable. I carved a rough round shape matching the leg for easier centering later. I’ve used some furniture oil on the wood to make it a little darker and more durable.

step2 750016

3. Feed the rod through, put on the washer and the nut. Do the same on the top side of the base and tighten.

step3 752264

4. Feed the cable through and assemble! The top plate tightens the whole construction to make perfectly vertical and solid. Because there’s a nut and a cable under the base plate, stick 4 rubber floor protector pads of suitable height under the plate.

step4 753744

Or for some little extra hi-fi-ness, a set of speaker cones/spikes could be used. They might be more expensive than the rest of the stand, though 😉

~ Max, Finland

Jules Yap