Hidden music desk

Besta parts, drill, saw

My wife and I live in a studio apartment in NYC and I was looking for a solution where I could have all of my music gear readily available, while not also having it on display.

Materials used

1 – Besta 50″ height Shelf Unit
2 – Besta Tofta doors
6 – sliding drawers without fronts (used for rails only)
5 – additional sliding shelves
1 – Inreda Drawer
2 – Besta Legs
2 – hinges from Home Depot
2 – magnetic fasteners to hold doors closed (home depot)

1 – 2 1/2″ drill hole bit (to run cables through)
1 – hand saw to cut shelves to size

This is basically all from the Ikea Besta Line, I drilled 2 1/2″ holes into the back piece to run all of the cables through , the bottom left has a drawer in it to hold spare cables etc… I purchased drawers without fronts for the rails and sawed the shelves to fit (that was surprisingly easy). The hard part was the doors. I had to buy hinges from Home Depot to make this work and it was very difficult to hang them evenly. The hinges they sell at IKEA don’t work because shelves can’t slide out when the doors are open.

~ Torrey, New York City

Jules Yap