Pimp my PUGG (clock)!

Materials: Ikea PUGG clock, spray paint, plastic bags/scrap paper

Description: After re-doing our bedroom with some major punches of color, I found myself longing for something a little more swanky to tell me the time. Our basic Ikea PUGG just wasn’t cutting it. A simple face lift turned it from office-boring to designer-slick!

First, disassemble the clock by carefully removing the 3 tension braces along the back rim. Gently, but forcefully pull the black pin out of the front of the face, followed by the minute hand. The hand will likely bend, but it can be easily flattened out again. I found it easiest to leave the hour hand still on the clock and then wrap the rest of the face in plastic bags. Make sure the plastic or paper used covers every bit of the clock face but doesn’t cover the hour hand! You can stick a little dot of tiki tak over the center pin to keep it clear.

Pick your fav color paint and spray away! Several light coats will save you from dripping or pooling. Make sure all pieces are fully dry before proceeding.

You may need to touch up the minute hand paint once it’s back on the clock (I had some difficulty fitting it back on and nicked it). A simple re-wrap of plastic and quick spray will fix it back up. Once you’re happy with it, simply finish reassembling… and you’re done!

There are infinite possibilities too- you could adjust and personalize the face as well and don’t limit yourself to paint. It’s the perfect way to personalize a simple, affordable clock into something much more fun and personable!

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~ Tess, Mt. Lebanon, PA