Shower liner turned reusable lunch bag

Materials: NACKTEN shower liner, paper lunch baghalf yard of fabric, sewing machine, coordinating thread

Description: Using a NACKTEN shower liner, I made a few reusable, eco friendly lunch bags. To start, I took a paper lunch bag leftover from a takeout delivery and gently ripped the seams where it was fused on the side. If your bag tears, you can steam it a bit and use the blunt edge of a butter knife to help you detach the edges from each other. Leave the bottom sqaure of the bag intact.

Trace the shape of your exposed bag on your fabric and your open and flat shower liner leaving a 1/4 inch of extra fabric on all sides. You’ll sew these up later with a 1/4 seam allowance. Pair up your fabric wrong sides touching where the seam was separated with the bag.

Stitch up the side of the fabric leaving the bottom open. Pinch each side of the bottom flaps resulting to the bottom being squared off and sew each side. Repeat these steps for the liner as well. With right sides touching and seams facing down, place your liner INSIDE your bag and carefully sew around the top edges creating the lip. Turn your secured ‘bag’ right side out and flip over the top where the exposed seam is facing the inside. Top stich around the top and you are done!

These bags are food safe and the interior can be cleaned with simply a damp sponge.

~ Tiffany of SHNHandmade