Stainless steel coffee table

Materials: Drill with a phillips head attachment, Vika Hyttan table top length 47 1/4 width 23 5/8 price 99.00 (located in the desk section), one pack Grundtal legs. I used 16 1/8 price 25.00 or less depending on height you choose (located in the bathroom cabinet section)

Description: Wanted a new coffee table. Ended up at Ikea, but did not like any of their tables, so we decided to make our own using a stainless steel desk top. This is what we came up with.

Stainless steel coffee table cost 125.00

Turn the table top over and mount the legs at each end making sure you center them properly. I like the look of the legs mounted at the end but its up to you.

I like this table its sturdy, doesn’t wobble

~ Marc Soto