Varde Shelf Duck/Bath Light Swan

Materials: Varde Shelf/6 light strip light/Plexiglass

Description: We remodeled our bath with Ikea GODMORGON series and couldn’t find a light fixture we liked that fit the budget. As I debated the design dilemma our son, Michael offered to design/build one.

We couldn’t find a birch wood that matched the GODMORGON birch so I purchased the Varde wall shelf and Micheal used the pieces from the shelf to build the light. Per Michael’s design, we also purchased a cheap Hollywood 6 light strip as a base and a piece of Plexiglas to defuse the light. There is $130 worth of material to get a custom designed high end piece.

We didn’t think to take more pictures during the building process as we didn’t think about posting to Ikea hacker until after the fact. I have attached his design sketch and a photo without the Plexiglas so you can get an idea of how it was built. Even though we don’t have step by step instructions and photos you can see by the pictures it turned out beautiful.

Michael works as a 3D illustrator by day and by night a painter, designer, and photographer. I have remodeled several homes and always have a tight budget so having a son with such talent is a huge help for me. I think he really has outdone himself on this one!

~ Annette Cagle-Rivera & Michael Cagle (Ikea hacker), Dallas, TX