Video projector shelf

rsz dscf2482 707351
rsz dscf2482 707351

Materials: 4×2 Expedit shelf, 2 Expedit doors inlays, 4 extra strong brackets, screws

Description: I was looking for a solution to wall mount my video projector, together with a computer and hide all cabeling, so I came accros the solution to wall mount a heavy expedit shelf with some extra strong brackets.

rsz dscf2483 709235

Because the Expedit doors inlays does not fit together with the brackets I just screwed the doors directly to the shelf.

rsz dscf2485 712603

With the old inlay stuff I build a angel adjustment for the video projector, a cable hideout for the computer and a hideout for my DVB-T amplifier.

~ Marcus Carl, Germany

CAUTION! Unless you know what you are doing, please DO NOT attempt to mount heavy furniture on the wall. ~ Jules

Jules Yap