Double Up the Hyllis

Materials: 2 Hyllis shelving units, a good screwdriver

The Hyllis is a nice piece of furniture to begin with, in my opinion, despite the awful name.Simple, honest metal and a few screws. Lovely. Also, the Hyllis is embarrasingly cheap.

The idea is simple – stock to units on top of each other. Save space, get a cooler looking piece of furniture.

You need a screwdriver that can make holes in metal.

1. Assemble one shelving unit completely, except for the plastic feet, and the shelve nearest to the ground. Lay it down on the floor.
This will be the top.

2. Put the long vertical pieces of metal in extension to the first unit you assembled, and decide how high you want it to be.

3. Drill holes so that you can assemble the two units, measure the distance to the pre-drilled holes so it will be even.

4. Screw in the shelf that overlaps the two units, through both the units.

5. Assemble the rest of the shelves in the lower part, and you’re done.

My explanation is crap, look at the pictures and I’m sure you understand it right away. It’s very simple.

Important: Make sure you know how high the ceiling is, and make sure there’s room enough to raise the shelving unit to an upright position when you’re done. I was only able to make it fit because the old house I live in has a bumpy uneven ceiling.

~ Lea, Copenhagen, Denmark