Laptop/Book Stand

Materials: LANSA Handles and EKBY VALTER brackets

Description: A few weeks ago I started a new job, and discovered that the desktop computer has become a thing of the past. In its place was a ThinkPad T400 with a screen size of 14″ connected to an external Dell 2009W 20″ monitor. My challenge: how to raise the laptop screen to be at eye level with the Dell monitor to make this work for me. I thought of a laptop stand, and went out to buy one from the local office supply store. Its usefulness was limited – the laptop slid off the angled platform, so I took it back.

I heard about blog forums and researched how others had designed and assembled such stands from IKEA parts. From these ideas, I adapted the combination of parts listed below. The result: The completed stand works well as a stand for Thinkpad and my Acer 10.1″ net book. It is also multi-functional since my wife also sometimes uses it as a cookbook holder.

What you may need:

Two-pack LANSA Handles (Article number: 60138759)
Product dimensions
Length: 9 5/8 ” (245mm)
Depth: 1 5/8 ” (41mm)
Hole spacing: 6 5/16 ” (160mm)

2 EKBY VALTER Brackets (Article number:76696009)
Product dimensions
Width: 1 1/8 ” (3cm)
Depth: 7 1/8 ” (18cm)
Height: 9 ” (23cm)

~ Oscar J, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada