Silver laptop stand

Materials: Some elements of an old computer desk from IKEA, 2 screws, 2 nuts, 1 drill and some bits, 1 cutter, 1 saw and some necklaces wiring

Description: I made this laptop stand with some elements of a computer desk which is sold over the past few years (picture is not mine). Elements used are those allowed to put the computer’s central processing unit: two kinds of table, 2 u-shaped tubes and a straight bar that is normally between the 2 u-shaped tubes.

First, I put the 2 tables together with screws and nuts, then I drilled 8 holes (4 on each table) to pass the collars and I join tables with my 2 u-shaped tubes using collars and cut them. Straight bar will block the tubes rotating. I finally sawed through a tube to give a certain angle at my stand.

~ Thibaut, Strasbourg, France