Very Vanity Vessel Hack aka Vanity with vessel sink

Materials: Hollviken vessel sink, Billy Bookshelf, Akurum cabinet

Description: We determined we could fit a 1/2 bath in our large master bedroom. I wanted a vessel sink, but we couldn’t afford the expensive vessel sinks seen in the modern stores, so we set out to make our own…..hence the very vanity vessel hack.
I connected two Billy birch veneer book shelves in tandem with a piece of extra Billy Book shelf side of wood in between but with the opening opposite each other, this created a nuck on the inside facing the sink to place long items. On the outside, I placed shelving to display items and the one facing the vanity, I placed book shelves too, but I put glass door on it, so that I could place all of my toiletries, etc.

Keys to the hack:
1- securing the bookshelf to the wood piece to the next book shelf
2- finishing the exposed edges with iron-on birth colored wood veneer I found at a local hardware store
3 – left-over travertine tile broken up to form a mosaic pattern on our home made vessel sink-cabinet.
4 – extra birch wood side book shelf found in discount section of Ikea

If I had a do-over, I would have put the short legs on the bottom, but we tried that and it was too tall for me to use.

~ Ikeeea ’cause I-cannaa