Alternate Lack TV stand

Materials: Lack TV stand, Ekby Shelves

Description: Well when I saw your Lack TV stand on Lifehacker I jumped up and shouted “hey that’s my idea !!!”..and when I clicked the link I was introduced to the incredible world called “Ikea Hacks”…I never knew about it but I think you guys are awesome!

Anyway, I humbly submit my alternate Lack TV stand design. I think this design results in a more architectural piece to compete with the technology above and within.

The hack is quite simple:

(2) Lack TV Stands
(4) Ekby Shelves (the short ones)
(1) Roll of Double stick tape

Simple build the 2 stands sans feet, then use double stick tape on the shelves as shown in the sketch to eliminate slippage. The shelves create a reveal to a) hide any misalignments between the two units, b) create a relief between the 2 thick bands and c) provide a possible wireway if desired.

Hope you like my simple Ikea Hack !

I am working on a swinging arm lamp iPhone mount for bed viewing….post that soon !

~ Anthony Mekel, Brooklyn, New York