From closet door to dining bar

Materials: Closet door

Description: This is kind of an easy hack, but really gave my new apartment the look I was going for. It doesn’t require a lot of work either, just need the right material and you will have it done in 30 min, max.

The hack consists in using an Ikea closet door as a bar for lunch, dinner, or whatever. What is also special about this bar is that it doesn’t touch the floor at any point, it’s hanging from the ceiling, which apart from giving a very modern look to the place is very useful for cleaning and will save you from kicking the bar legs being barefoot first thing in the morning when drinking your coffee (you can say, this guy is stupid, but you will know it will eventually happen!).

Well getting to it, all you need to do is get your Ikea closet door, attach some metal bars (I used L shaped bars) to prevent it from flexing. Note that if you are using more than one short bar (like I did) that the length of bars that overlap must be in the middle of the space between the cables and the wall, not in the real middle of the door.

Then fix you two L supports to the wall.

Make the corresponding holes on the ceiling and on the door to fix the cables.
Use a chair or something similar to hold the bar while you adjust the length of the cables and fix them.

Remember to also fix the bar to the wall L’s with some screws.

Well, that’s basically it! You are done!

~ Guillermo, New York