Kitchen isle / Storage Container

Materials: 6 x Ikea Lack, Pragel Countertop, Bygel Rails, Bygel Wire Basket, Grundtal S-Hooks, some screws, mounting brackets, Plaster boards.

Description: Hey there IKEA-Freaks… ;0)

Ever had the problem that there simply wasn’t enough storage space in the kitchen and some Samla Boxes just didn’t quite do the job right ???

No ?!? Well, lucky you.. I had ;0)

So I figured why not use the empty space in my kitchen for something useful and stylish ??

I bought 6 Ikea-Lack (the small ones)and placed three of them right next to another and screwed them together with flat mounting brackets. I used two for three tables just one in the middle between each of them.

Then I took the other three tables and did the same.

Now I placed one line of tables above the other and used some bent mounting brackets to connect the table-legs from the upper Lack’s to the table-tops from the Lack’s beneath.

Now you screw some Plaster Boards on the two outer sides and the front side.

Then I used some wallpaper to make it pretty. You can spraypaint the Plaster Boards or use varnish etc. I used wallpaper because I saw some cool stuff in a shop.

Once the wallpaper has dried you can install the countertop on top of your new Kitchen Isle/Storage Container I did that with long screws and washers.

I let the countertop protrude on the outer and the front sides…

Now you put some carpet rods where the open side of the Lack’s and the Plaster Boards meet.

Then I put one Bygel rail on each side under the countertop. It’s important to install them under the countertop because the Plaster Boards can’t take much weight. I installed the Bygel rails because I wanted something to hang my kitchen towels or my Wire-Basket on.

All done!

If you want you can decorate the Plaster boards from every side so that you can’t see the plain boards from behind. I didn’t feel the use for this myself and to be honest after building this kitchen isle I felt every bone in my body *lol*

The instructions may sound simple but let me assure you it’s an all-day-long-Project. Especially all the cutting (wallpaper, plaster boards etc.)

But I think it was worth it.

Hope you like it.

~ Daniel Stevens, Germany