Old Krister desk made into a compact TV stand solution

Materials: Krister Desk, Hack saw, Allen wrench, drill bit (or something to puncture the metal), Nuts and washers to fit the screws

Description: I needed a much smaller TV stand for my new room which is only 9’X 9′ and after finding this site, I was incredibly motivated to tear apart the REALLY old Krister desk (pix, right) that had been sitting in the corner of my parents garage for years. It’s a fairly simple adjustment, and I still have a few left over parts which I may incorporate by way of shelves if I have the time.

1. remove both top and side pieces of metal from the desk, which includes the angled back, meant for the old CRT monitors, the mouse pad, the keyboard panel, the PC holster and it’s side support, and the monitor support beam.

2. use the hack saw to cut 12″ off of the bars hanging out off of the frame.

3. Remove the caps from the end of the cut bars and place them on the cut ends to avoid cutting up anything or anyone.

4. Grab the angled panel and line it up with the holes about 4″ down from the frame on each side.

5. Mark the sides of the angled panel that don’t line up with threaded holes.

6. Remove the panel and drill the holes to fit the screw.

7. Place the panel and screw the front end into place, set the screws in the back end and place the washers and nuts on the backside of the angled panel.

~ Martin Pittis, Washington