365+ fruit stand

Materials: 2 365+ plates, other small similar plate, 2 NÄRHET dessert wine glasses, 7 min epoxy (or similar epoxy glue) and toothpick

Description: We have the IKEA 365+ porcelain dishes for everyday. We buy the boxes that have side plates, dinner plates and bowls. We go through the bowls much quicker for some reason.

Soooo when I decided we needed a better way to store fruit that made it more accessible and less prone for bad fruit to spoil other fruits I remembered the homemade cupcake stand craze.


Find middle of plates (I used the logos and a ruler to help). Very lightly mark where the glasses will go (you won’t be able to remove this so make it really unobtrusive. I put the glasses upside down because I liked the look better that way.

Mix two equal and small amounts of glue together with a toothpick and then very carefully spread on edge of the base of a glass.

Turn smallest plate over and place in correct place with a tiny wiggle to make sure the glue is connecting the two pieces. Repeat with second glass and middle sized plate. Allow to set up for ten minutes without being disturbed. Check they are completely set before you move them.

Mix up a new batch of glue and use the toothpick to put a small amount of glue around the rim of the glasses. Place glasses upside down in center of the next biggest plate. Leave to set up overnight and you are done!

~ Scarlet, So Cal.