Adel Birch Door as Mirror

Materials: Adel birch door and discarded broken mirror.

I took a pre-owned Ikea Adel birch 15×24 door and carefully broke the top rail of the door. (the back is more beat-up than the front) I removed the middle panel.

I cut a mirror someone had thrown away because of a broken corner and cut it to the size of the middle panel.

Insert the mirror and glue the top rail back in place.

Also, below the mirror I used an Akurum kitchen 30″ base cabinet. I actually bought this and the 2 15×30 Adel birch doors for an adult height bathroom sink. It also doubles as a slop sink in my basement.

I used some leftover granite tile pieces for the counter and an old porcelain cast iron sink.

~ Peter Welles, Jersey City, NJ