Barbeque splatter guard and wind protection

Materials: Patrull cooktop guard, hammer, drill, screwdriver

Description: Basically, my new barbeque came with a wind shield that did nothing much more than supporting the warming rack.

When cooking with the hood up, the worktop panels would be greased down with fat, when cooking with the hood down, the oversized ventilation holes at the back would let too much wind through.

I was looking for something I could use for my little project, when I came across a hack here where someone had used a Patrull cooktop guard as a splatter guard around a lathe.

The Patrull turned out to be the perfect solution to my problems (more annoyance really).

The stainless steel fixture is “slide to fit” between 23 1/4″ and 37 3/8″ and therefore quite versatile when it comes to fitting it to a wide range of barbeques.

All I had to do was to remove the hood, remove the old shield, drill a few holes in the new one to match the existing holes on the cooktop, and put the hood back on again.

In my case, I had to hammer flat the edges at the base and the (now) front to make room for the hood, but this might not be necessary with other barbeque brands (mine is a Campingaz Adelaide 3).

The loss of the warming rack is a small prize to pay for a professionally looking and functioning barbeque.

~ Erik, Norway