Dream tree night light

Materials: Utensil holder used as lampshade, reclaimed tree stump

My friend Nick Lombardo and I have started a company called Evolving Habitat. Our philosophy is “Reclaim. Reuse. Relive” designing and creating furniture and housewares made from reclaimed goods,wood and found treasures. Right now we are working on our ” Elements of Nature” collection, where our main ingredient is reclaimed trees. We have contacted a tree cutting service so we can recreate pieces from cut down or rotted trees instead of them being copped for firewood. We are reincarnating these trees in a way and giving them a new life form to last a lifetime. Trying to spread the awareness of a the importance of a green future, and how important trees are for our species and planet. And also using nature to have fun and get creative! There’s nothing more inspiring to me than trees.

Here’s is just one of many lamps we have created from our this collection. The lampshade is a repurposed utensil holder that gives this lamp a dreamy feel, and the bulb holder is made from electrical piping.We had to drill a hole to insert the piping and run the electrical chord through the tree stump and electrical piping. And Wah-lah! I hope you like them.

~ Meri Vallo and Nick Lombardo, NY