Faith + Freedom wall decor

Materials: (not sure of the name) – but those wood slats that are used to support the beds

Description: The goal was to create wall hanging elements for fresh flowers. As I started cleaning out my garage I found a couple of groups of wood bed slats from an IKEA bed. After removing the staples and the cloth holding them together I was in business. I cut them down to size, then put the “frames” together.

The “nests” were formed with 3/16″ wood dowels, after soaking in a tub of water to achieve flexibility. The frames were sanded, and treated with polyurethane. As I was building – a poem came to me – so I felt that it was necessary to incorporate it.

I used vinyl lettering on plexi glass – mounted to the back of each frame. I added the final touches of twine to make them hang – and then FINALLY the flowers… The flowers are kept in test tubes, filled with a small amount of water.


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~ Tiffany Strother-Millner, Philadelphia