How to Make a Noguchi-Inspired Mid-Century Modern Lamp

Materials: VÄTE table lamp, wire, brass tube, wood spheres, spray paint

Isamu Noguchi‘s Akari lamps are among the classic, iconic pieces of mid-century design. These practical light sculptures are a playful take on the traditional Japanese paper lantern; updated with legs that echo the emerging atomic culture of the early 1950s, yet still maintaining the biomorphic shape found in Noguchi’s other works. The Akari lamp series has been a part of the MoMA’s permanent collection almost as long as it’s been around.

IKEA has featured their share of paper lantern-inspired lamps over the years. The most recent rendition is the VÄTE series, a collection of rice paper shades on steel frames that give an obvious nod to Noguchi. Thankfully, the 9.99 table lamp is perfect fodder to recreate an Akari-alike Beehive lamp. It takes less than an hour, and uses less than $15.00 in materials, lamp included.

See more of Chris’ noguchi inspired mid century lamp.

~ Chris