INREDA bookend as a table attached to a BILLY bookcase in an otherwise not usable space

Materials: 1 INREDA bookend, metal cut tools (optional), 1 screw, 1 drill, 1 screwdriver

Description: I am of the opinion that in a small apartment no place is to be wasted and I had no space at all next to my BILY bookcase to put a table for my phone and mobile phone. I noticed that the INREDA bookend is flat and I turned it 90° and hooked on to a BILLY bookcase it is a perfect little table for my stuff!

In order to secure it, you simply use its little hole to drill a screw in! In my case, I had to cut one end off with metal work tools (I went to a tool shop for that) because the door would bump in otherwise.

~ A. Güntert, Essen, NRW, Germany

Jules Yap