Kitty Food and Bar

Materials: OMAR shelves, wine rack, basket

Description: We need a raised feeding station for our younger cat’s food to be separated from the older cat’s food. With little extra space in the kitchen, I thought that it would be nice to have the furniture serve more than one purpose. That’s when I got the idea to stack the OMAR wine shelves over a set of plain shelves.

Measuring younger the cat, and the maximum known height of the older cat’s jump, we placed the 2nd shelf out of older cat’s reach, and 3rd shelf just high enough that the younger cat could fit in between. I used twist ties to secure the basket to the self, so the can’t can’t easily knock over his food dishes. I was happy to find that my existing dishes fit perfectly in the basket. Placed a mat over the wire shelf for kitty’s comfort. I decided to use shelf #3 for liquor bottles, so I stacked the wine racks after the maximum liquor bottle height was reached. Wine racks were stacked as closely together as possible for an average diameter wine bottle. I ended up with one spare wine shelf that I couldn’t fit on, but it still increased my storage space over my old 12-slot rack. Anchored to the wall at rack #3 and at the top.

~ Chris Wass

Jules Yap