Mapped-Out Kassett Boxes

Materials: White Kassett cd boxes, various road maps, scissors, glue (rubber cement or 3M Super-77 spray)

Description: I noticed the Kassett boxes are dirt cheap ($4/pair) but horribly boring. So, to spruce them up, I got various road maps and gave them a face-lift.

I got all of my road maps from AAA and bus stops. If you’re an AAA member, they have a plethora of free maps you can pick up for no cost at any office. Also, transit maps are great, free, and very interesting.

I used 3M’s Super-77 spray glue, but after finishing I would HIGHLY recommend you rubber cement or another alternative instead. The spray glue is just too messy.

This is a pretty simple hack… pretty self explanatory. Never the less, I followed these steps:

1.Work panel-by-panel
2. Do the front first. Pick out the part of the map you find most interesting. Cut a piece approximately 1.5″ larger than the panel, glue it down to the face, and fold the edges over.
3. Continue working on the back, then the sides, then one rectangle for the bottom.
4. After everything is dry, you’ll have to clear the holes for the mounting hardware. I used a dental tool, but an exacto knife works great too, especially for the slits on the front label holder. Feel around from the inside of the box, poke through, then complete clearing the hole from the outside.
5. Put it all together again.

~ Sean S, Los Angeles, CA