Ride around Wine Glass Rack

Materials: Förhöja and two pieces of Lämplig

Description: I had some empty space in my kitchen and was looking for both some storage space as well as a wine glass rack. Since regular stores couldn’t supply this for me I decided to hack one myself.

The hack is simple but elegant. Starting with a Förhöja kitchen cart I added a wooden bar on the upper inside.

After that I prepared two Lämplig trivets and cut of all the rods at the end including the right-angled rod. This created the perfect ‘rack’ for the wine glasses. Since the cut-off rods are hollow, I push some gray caps in the holes

On the bar in the Förhöja kitchen cart I screwed the base-holders. The Lämplig trivets are placed in these ‘sockets’. Since these holders are not firm enough, I also screwed on a u shaped metal holder from my local hardware store.

The result is simple, but very effective wine glass holders which also looks great in my kitchen.

~ Chris van Baal, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Jules Yap