Super Rabbit Condo

Materials: Gorm Shelving, wood trim, hook latches, hinges, staples, furniture tacks, steel mesh, galvanized wire

Description: After adopting our new English Lop, my husband decided to take on making a cage that would be functional with our space and give her as much room as possible.

We used The Gorm shelving system:
2 longer shelves (Width: 30 3/8 “Depth: 20 1/8 “)
3 shorter shelves (Width: 19 5/8 “Depth: 20 1/8 “)
3 corner shelves (Width: 29 7/8 ”
Depth: 20 1/8 “)
9 Posts (Height: 43 1/4 “)

We assembled the shelving, and then attached steel mesh to wood frames using industrial staples and furniture tacks. He then drilled these frames into the Gorm in sections. We made door frames and attached the galvanized wire via staples. We attached the doors with hinges and latches. They open and close with latches.

We added a long ramp so she could run up and down to the second and third level.

Finally we laid down rubber on the bottom and covered all shelves with carpet.
The best thing is we can continue to expand it as she grows in both length and height!

Total cost about $150.00

~ Elsa, New Jersey