EXPEDIT board in IKEA sale corner to a nice coffee table in my home

CoffeeTable2 793240
CoffeeTable2 793240

Materials: 1PC – EXPEDIT Board AUS$19, 2 Pack of EKBY BJÄRNUM Bracket 9, 2 Pack of $15.00/2 pack, 8 Pcs screw nuts that suit the thickness of the board (Not included with bracket), 4 Pcs of metal nuts from EKBY BJÄRNUM Bracket


1. Turn the board upside down.

CoffeeTable%2B1 790710
Step1 795522

2. Attach EKBY BJÄRNUM Bracket with the screws in to each corner of the board (flat chrome side face out).

Step3 798201

3. Screw in the metal nuts that come with the EKBY BJÄRNUM Bracket to the hole that appear on one side of EXPEDIT Board to cover it up.

Step4 700666

~ Kanya, Melbourne

Jules Yap