Faktum cabinet cubby hole

Faktum, Capita

When I decided to construct a hallway cabinet out of Faktum wall cabinets, I wanted to have an open space under the top where I could put keys, gloves, today’s mail, etc.

So I got the 90cm high cabinet with 70cm high doors, and I put a shelf level with the top of the doors. However, this leaves a gap between the shelf and the doors, so I glued a wood strip on the unlaminated back edge of the shelf. My original plan was to widen the indents in the bottom of the shelf, but when I tried it in backwards to test the fit, I liked the look of the wood strip in front so I left it like that.

To improve the look of the cabinet, the unused shelf holes were covered with white plastic plugs sold for the purpose at DIY stores.

~ Eli, Belgium