Giant drum shade pendant for 13 bucks

Materials: Two 12″ Lobbo lamp shades, wire wreath frame, existing three-light chandelier

Description: I was looking for a modern upgrade to the three-light chandelier over our kitchen table but didn’t have the budget for the one in the pretty furniture catalog. I also preferred not to mess with electrical wiring.

Inspiration struck when I noticed the interlocking puzzle-pieces that make up the Lobbo shades. I could make one in the size I wanted just by buying more and snapping them together.

1. I found a wire wreath frame that fits over the light fixture I was retrofitting.

2. I wanted a dramatic 24″ drum shade, but Lobbo only comes in 6″, 12″ and 14″ diameter sizes. So I bought two 12″ Lobbo shades.

3. I snapped the shades together end-to-end to form a circle.

4. I kept the metal shade holders, but I broke the round center parts off. No tools required for this step; the metal is pretty flimsy, so you can do this with your bare hands by bending the straight parts back and forth until they break.

5. I installed the shade holders by threading them through the holes in the shade and used the screw-on caps provided to secure the holders in place.

6. I flipped the shade upside down (with the shade holders closer to the top) and threaded the broken ends of the shade holders through the wreath hanger. This secures the shade into its circular shape.

7. Finally, I slipped the new drum shade over the bare old chandelier. It fits snugly over the chandelier arms, though it took a bit of adjusting to make sure the whole thing was level.

Cost: $13 for the Lobbo shades. (I already owned the wreath frame and chandelier.) And to think I had coveted that $200 version in the furniture catalog. Woot!

~ Katie, Chicago, IL

Jules Yap