GRONO/JUTIS Floorstand Lamp

CIMG0001 small 741352
CIMG0001 small 741352

GRONO Table Lamp, JUTIS Speaker Stand

I just wanted to have a modern, unique floorstanding lamp. So I decided to modify my old pair of Jutis Speaker Stands (Its design is very modern in my opinion.)

I bought 2 GRONO Table Lamps at Ikea, pulled the wires out of them. Next, I pulled the wires through the tiny pipes of the stands. (Its inner diameter fits exactly the thickness of the wires!)

CIMG1384 small 743036
CIMG1386 small 744501
CIMG1387 small 745972

I rewired the lamp on top of the stand and finally I glued the lamp on top.


~ Daniel, Duisburg, Germany

Jules Yap